Wired Event Networks

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Wired Event Networks

Even with significant advances in wireless technology, wired networks continue to be the primary part of any event on-site network. Our event teams  have experience in installing temporary fibre and copper networks across large sites.

Event Core Connectivity

Many of our event networks use cabling where it is appropriate as the backbone of the network. The cable may be buried before the event begins, especially if the site is going to be used for multiple years. By having this cable, on site networks can be quickly set-up and the risk of any issues later on during the build are significantly reduced.

Mission Critical Systems

When designing event networks our event teams work with event organisers to identify critical systems such as ticketing, bars or streaming these systems will wired to the event backbone to ensure service continues regardless of potential wireless interference.

Latest Technology

Our event teams will deploy the most appropriate cabling solution for the event requirements and budget which can range from 100Mbps CAT5 to 10Gbps fibre.

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