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Event WiFi Networks

Event WiFi is critical to the success of an event. Networks can range from a small self install WiFi hotspot for press or production to site-wide networks for bars, food concessions, security entry lanes and more.

We have developed a number of WiFi systems for temporary deployments so service continues, regardless of any external influences such as power loss,  interference or weather.

Indoor Networks

We have significant experience in deploying WiFi networks for events, either to provide coverage where none exists or add to existing systems. Our event teams have experience installing networks sympathetically with the event, including blacking out or installing into existing lighting trussing as well as hiding from view of the public by providing colour matched hardware for the environment they are being installed into.

Outdoor Networks

Weatherproof, battery powered and reliable, essential for networks which are going to have to face outdoor elements. We have invested in access points with built in heaters and specialist battery packs which are monitored across our network in real-time with onsite event teams being alerted to potential issues should they arise.

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