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Wired Voice over IP (VoIP) Phones

Voice over IP (VoIP) phones deliver the same quality of service as a BT phone line but have a number of improved features, such as full monitoring, internal call transferring, voice mail systems and increased flexibility.

Our VoIP phone systems use the our own dedicated on-site network, meaning they can be deployed at any point across the site without needing cables to each location.

Each VoIP system is controlled through an on-site phone server or from a secure cloud hosted location , allowing free internal calling and other functions such as automated voice menus, ring groups and forwarding to mobiles if required.

We can provide sites with up to 100 wired and 30 wireless extensions from a single 1 day event through to longer multi week events.

Wireless VoIP Phones

Wireless Voice over IP (VoIP) phones deliver the same quality as the typical wired VoIP phones, but allow roaming within the area of the base station.

Site crew who plan to base themselves within the production areas can benefit from these types of handsets, which they can keep clipped to their clothing so as not to miss any calls, whilst enjoying increased connectivity and functionality compared to a mobile phone.

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