WiFi is the lifeblood of today’s modern lifestyle – and nowhere is this truer than at public events. The modern Briton likes to be connected all day, every day and therefore strong, smooth WiFi is crucial to keep your guests happy, regardless of whether they are taking selfies at a music concert or keeping up to speed with their emails during a business conference.

Unfortunately, WiFi can very easily go wrong – and a bad connection can mean the difference between a successful event or a troublesome one.

Here are some top tips as to how to keep your WiFi in good shape at all times.

Change channels – if your event’s WiFi is running slow, you can select a different channel from your routers. Moving from one channel to another can prove hugely beneficial in speeding things up if your existing channel becomes crowded.

Use multiple networks – It is always wise to have more than one network running at any one time – particularly if a lot of people are coming to your event. Put your guests on a separate network which utilises special rules and settings, such as limiting the amount of video or music content they can stream, for example, to prevent the network becoming crowded. Use a separate network for staff, to ensure guest activity and employee correspondence are kept on two, equally smooth-running, servers.

Boost your routers – Ideally you should be using a router which is at the very least an 802.11 N or AC router with dual or triple band capabilities. This will ensure that the connection can be accessed far and wide. However, it is also smart to use WiFi boosters and extenders – especially if you are operating a larger scale event.

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March 5th, 2018|broadband, Wi-Fi|