Temporary Internet

Temporary Internet Access

SimpliWiFi has the experience and supplier relationships to arrange whatever connectivity is required for your event. Our approach is to work with events to clarify what type and how much internet is required before placing orders or exploring provision options for the site. Our engineering teams have experience working with a number of technologies including leased lines (typically fibre-optic) bonded copper, Satellite, point to point links from other sites, 4G (or any cellular) ISDN, FTTC, ADSL or even dial up.

Broadband (ADSL, FTTC)

SimpliWiFi has a number of supplier relationships depending on the local exchange infrastructure to provide temporary broadband services to event sites. SimpliWiFi engineers will advise on the best contention ratio (the amount of other customers who share the service) depending on the requirements for the event.

Bonded Connectivity (Any connectivity)

For larger events, SimpliWiFi has a number of options to provide high speed connectivity over ‘normal’ copper phone lines achieving speeds of up to 40mbps. Dedicated (uncontended) high speed connectivity can be installed without the lead time of fibre optics to provide high speed connectivity where fibre may be impractical due to cost of installation time. Bonding can be used with technologies including Satellite, 4G, ADSL and leased lines.

Wireless Links

For remote locations, SimpliWiFi has a number of points of presence (PoPs) throughout the UK which can be linked to wirelessly to provide high speed connectivity. Service may also be wirelessly transmitted from other areas of site or partners including cellular carriers

Cellular Services (4G, 3G)

For locations in built up areas which require quick set-up cellular technology may be suitable. 4G coverage continues to increase in US, UK and European cities which can provide high speed redundant (backup) or primary internet.

Fibre Connectivity

For installations which use the same site for multiple years or those with very high speed requirements, installation of fibre connectivity may be suitable which can support speeds ranging from 5mbps to gigabytes. SimpliWiFi has the experienced engineers, installation teams and suppliers who can provide this connectivity for broadcast or internet connectivity.

Satellite Internet

SimpliWiFi has a number of high speed satellite units on stock to provide high speed connectivity with minimum notice in remote locations. SimpliWiFi are able to provide either static systems or fully mobile systems where installation is carried out with the push of a button.

Other Technologies

Legacy services such as ISDN, Dial up or SDSL are also possible depending on requirements and site location