Press release: SimpliWiFi launch UK first in heat mapping tech at Event Production Show

One of the UK’s largest suppliers of mobile WiFi services has unveiled its latest foray into the world of event’s technology with the launch of its unique heat mapping technology.

Thought to be a UK first, SimpliWiFi’s new service makes use of conventional CCTV and thermal imaging cameras to find hot spots in crowds during festivals in order to aid events organisers.

Hot spots can indicate where a crush might be likely to occur and the technology is so accurate that it can even spot a person on the ground at night or in bad weather, allowing security and paramedics to aid an injured guest.

Launched at the Event Production Show, which is taking place at Olympia London, the service has already been trialled at a number of events in 2017 and is now available for hire in 2018.

Heat mapping data powered by SimpliWiFi suggests that organisers may be making fundamental errors by posting stewards in the wrong places.

Heat maps gathered from test events suggest that problems often occur in the middle of a crowd and if stewards had access to technology capable of delivering real-time information on high-risk incidents, they could be quickly deployed to defuse or save a potentially harmful situation.

Ozan Pakyuz, Managing Director at Hereford-based SimpliWiFi, said: “While the foundation of our business is based upon the provision of high-speed WiFi and telephony at major events, we have decided to branch out in this new direction based upon our experience of attending festivals and concerts around the UK.

“It is disheartening to see large crushes or injured people at these events when people have come along to have fun. We knew that something more could be done, which is why we have teamed up with a leading provider of thermal technology to develop this new system which works in a variety of conditions.”

He added that the technology had a number of applications outside health and safety as well, that event organisers, retailers and disaster recovery specialists would find useful.

“Using heat mapping we can spot where people might be in distress in a crowd, but the technology can also be used to spot where the largest number of people are standing or high areas of footfall so that stands and mobile sellers can target these areas,” said Ozan.

“Outside of a festival environment, the data and images could also be used by rescue teams searching for bodies or sources of heat. With so many applications out there, we are really hopeful that this new technology will take off.”

SimpliWiFi has been present on both days of the Events Production Show on 28 February 2018 and 1 March 2018 on stand L74E displaying its unique WiFi and security solutions to visitors.

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Notes to Editors

SimpliWiFi is a leading event technology company providing, cost-effective, temporary and permanent IT solutions to the events and hospitality industry.

It delivers reliable technology along with ongoing support to ensure its customers get the best possible service.

Its services include secure event Wi-Fi, temporary internet access, EPOS & PDQ payment solutions, wired networks, point to point links, telephony (VoIP), CCTV, event monitoring and support.

About Heat Mapping

The events industry has never been bigger. Festivals increase their headcounts by the thousands every year, stadiums are oversold and street parties and carnivals are on the rise.

And that’s why technology which can intelligently monitor crowds is going to become increasingly important. Whether crowds gather to protest, to party or just to be entertained, things can turn ugly in an instant.

SimpliWifi is at the forefront of heat mapping technology and is now offering heat mapping as a core component of their event planning package. It is able to assess the size and scope of an event and guide event organisers to implement the necessary health and safety equipment which could stop a deadly situation in its tracks.

  • Heat mapping is used in conjunction with CCTV to monitor crowds and alert officials to high-risk situations
  • Locates pressure points and bottlenecks before they can turn nasty
  • Alerts security to trespassers and troublemakers
  • Event-wide support and assistance from SimpliWiFi, a leading provider of heat mapping technology in the UK
February 28th, 2018|Press release|