KIDS Venetian Gala Dinner

KIDS Venetian Gala Dinner2017-07-25T11:37:15+00:00

Project Description

KIDS Venetian Gala Dinner

The Challenge

We were approached by the event organisers to provide broadband & Wi-Fi access for thier silent auction event.

The challenge here is the number of devices (100+) and data transfer required as the silent aution is run in realtime online.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided 2 x Double 4G connections providing a total of 100Mpbs of load balanced bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Network – A simple Wi-Fi network was deployed to cater for the 100+ expected devices with full support during the event from a SimpliWiFi engineer.  During the 6 hour event there were 100 devices connected and a total of 45GB of data was transfered.

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