El Dorado Music Festival

El Dorado Music Festival2017-07-25T11:37:15+00:00

Project Description

El Dorado – Cirque Du Soul Music Festival

The Challenge

We were approached by the event organisers to provide high speed broadband & Wi-Fi access for the events team, security, payment services, artisits and guests.

The big challenge here is the rural location of the event within the grounds of Eastnor Castle located on the Deer park. We also had to provide connectivity to remote parts of the event area to allow for cashless charging and ticketing services.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided an 800mpbs point to point link from the castle and 6 satellite connections as backup connections providing a total of 1Gpbs of load balanced bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Network – A complex Wi-Fi network was deployed to cater for the the cashless payment solutions, artisit green room, event ticketing, event managemnt and security teams as well as guest Wi-Fi access for festival go’ers.

Osite Support – For the duration of the event the SimpliWiFi support team was onsite to provide help as required as well as monitor and maintain the service thoughout.

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