Project Description

Lakefest Music Festival

The Challenge

We were approached by the event organisers to provide guest Wi-Fi facilities, dedicated green room Wi-Fi for artists, internet access and payment terminals for the food areas.

The big challenge was that the event is held in a very rural location at the Deer Park, near Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, which meant getting broadband to the site in order to provide the internet services required by the event brief.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided a 90Mbit unintended leased line connection via Eastnor Castle 3 miles away and a dedicated 800Mbps point to point link back to the Deer Park itself.  A total of 4 satellite connections totalling 70Mpbs download and 35Mbps providing backup, fail over, connectivity should the main leased line link fail.  This would the main internet access as per the brief.

Wi-Fi Network – Point to point Wi-Fi links were installed at the for the artists green room and food areas which then connected back to a central communications trailer. We then supplied a multiple self powering Wi-Fi access points around the main music tents for guest Wi-Fi all of which connected back to a Wi-Fi cluster located at the top of a 15m mast next to the communications trailer.  The Wi-Fi system has full fail-over in case something failed and is able to provide access to a secure, encrypted, Wi-Fi network for taking card payments and the event organisers.

Payment Services – We provided a secure, PCI-DSS compliant, Wi-Fi network in order to take card payments. We provided 15 contact less PDQ card machines, all pre-configured prior to being brought to the festival site and connected to a temporary wired network at each group of food areas, all supplied and supported by the onsite SimpliWIFi team. At the end of the show day the onsite support team will also carry out the end of day reporting and clear down the PDQ units.

Project Details