Project Description

Kington Horse & Agricultural Show

The Challenge

The event organisers asked us to provide guest Wi-Fi for the 33,500+ visitors to their annual show as well as secure payment services for traders.

The big challenge was that the event is held in a very rural location on 5 acres of farmland which meant getting broadband to the site in order to provide the various Wi-Fi enabled services required by the event brief.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided a total of 4 satellite connections totaling 70Mpbs download and 45Mbps upload with a backup satellite for fail over connectivity.  This would allow up to 3000 visitors to connect at the same time without impact of service.

Wi-Fi Network – A site wide network was setup comprising of 8 access points around the site connecting back to a central cluster of 3 located at the top of a 15m mast.  The Wi-Fi system has full failover in case something failed and is able to provide access to visitors and traders via a guest Wi-Fi network and a secure, encrypted, Wi-Fi network for taking payments.

Payment Services – We already had a secure, PCI-DSS compliant, Wi-Fi network in place so adding traders to it in order to take card payments is very easy to do.  For those traders that did not have their own devices or merchant accounts we were able to provide them with either Bluetooth enabled iZettle devices that can link to any Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth device such as a phone or tablet.  Those traders that had their own merchant accounts we provided full PDQ card units with contact less pay enabled.  All fully supported by our onsite support team.

Event Feedback

“We have never had Wi-Fi at the show before and we were sceptical about the benefit the show could gain from it, however the feedback from visitors and traders was very positive, and the data provided about the number of visitors and their movements around the show site provided a great insight into the layout and will influence future planning. We will be working with SimpliWiFi again next year.”

Claire Williams, Show Manager, Kington Horse & Agricultural Show.

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Kington Horse Show