Project Description

Herefordshire Young Farmers Rally

The Challenge

We were approached by the event organisers to provide broadband, Wi-Fi access and payments service for the traders, guests and entry gates.

The big challenge here is the rural nature of the location and the number of traders that required secure card payment services.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided 4 x satellite connections providing a total of 100Mpbs of load balanced bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Network – A secure Wi-Fi network was deployed to cater for the 100+ traders that required card payment services and a second fully branded guest Wi-Fi network was made available for all visitors which was full integrated with social media. Full support was provided during the event from a SimpliWiFi engineer.

Payments Services – A combination of Merchant ready PDQs and bluetooth iZettle card units were provided bepending on the traders needs with all being fully support by the onsite SimpliWiFi team.