Project Description

CNN US Elections Event 2016

The Challenge

We were approached by the event organisers to provide temporary internet connectivity, public access WiFi for up to 700 guests, private WiFi for the Photo Booth team and dedicated wired network access for the video wall team.

This was a last minute call and the challenge was how we could provide sufficient internet access to those that needed it.

The Solution

Internet Connectivity was provided through multiple, bonded, 4G+ links using the EE 4G network.  This allowed us to provided fibre like speeds ensuring that all parties could get what they needed.  4 x 4G connections providing 220Mbps was split 70/30 between the photo booth team and video wall team with 95Mbps being provided to the guest WiFi network for the CNN invited guests.

WiFi was provided via a Ruckus wifi solution allowing us to rapidly deploy remote access points on one side of the venue without wires and running on battery power linked back to a few core, wired, access points on the opposite side of the venue.  This was more than sufficient for the 700 guests that arrrived.  At its peak the wifi network had 420 people connected at the same time.

Event IT was provided as needed with additional support from the onsite team helping to run extra cables to areas for connectivity of 3rd party hardware.

Event Feedback

“I am really sorry I didn’t get to see you before leaving, having said that I am grateful for all you have done for the event and am thrilled with the outcome. I look forward to working together again”

France Lythcott, Immersive Cult Ltd

Project Details