Project Description

Boatside Holiday Accomodation

The Challenge

We were approached by the log cabin owners to provide reliable guest Wi-Fi facilities in the log cabins and the surrounding grounds.

The big challenge was that the event is held in a very rural location which meant getting broadband to the site in order to provide the internet services required by the owners.

The Solution

Broadband Internet – We provided a single satellite internet connection providing up to 22Mbps download and 6Mbps upload.  This would provide the main internet access as per the owners requirements.

Wi-Fi Network – Point to point Wi-Fi links were installed between the main house and the cabins and Wi-Fi access points where installed in to the cabins themselves providing Wi-Fi access throughout. The Wi-Fi access points are cloud controlled allowing the owners to see how much internet data was being used by each cabin and what device allowing them to charge for access appropriatly allowing the Wi-Fi service to pay for itself over time.

Full support and training was provided by the SimpliWiFi engineers with the whole project taking just 2 days to complete.

Owner Feedback

“Since Wi-Fi was installed by SimpliWiFi our holiday guests have commented how nice it is to have reliable internet in a very remote setting.  Thank you very much for the very professional work carried out.”

Alison Owen, Owner, Boatside Holiday Accomodation