Point to Point Links

Point to Point Wireless Links

Point to point wireless links are a key element of the SimpliWiFi on-site network delivering service to remote areas. Each link can be setup in direct point to point (A to B) mode or point to multi points (A to many Bs). Deploying point to point links means SimpliWiFi can connect sites up to 10km apart to deliver a single network experience while allowing high speed data transfer.

Latest Generation Hardware

SimpliWiFi engineering teams maintain the firmware versions on the link hardware which are managed from a central controller either on-site or a secure internet hosted location. Each point to point radio has an integrated array of antennas delivering higher speed and signal quality.

Delivering Connectivity

Many customers request point to point links to deliver internet connectivity from a remote location to the site. Connectivity can be permanently installed into a ‘serviced’ building in the local area

Planned for Success

All SimpliWiFi point to point links are surveyed prior to installation using dedicated link projection tools to estimate speeds and optimum install locations