How heat mapping and WiFi cameras can help your night time events this winter

With the nights getting colder and darker, it is essential that your events over the winter period are under control. SimpliWiFi’s latest technologies of heat mapping and WiFi cameras can ensure that any event you have planned runs seamlessly.

We are at the forefront of heat mapping technology and have been recognised by judges for our expertise in this area at a number of award ceremonies.

We have now included the heat mapping technology in our event planning package for clients, as it has proven to be highly effective at a variety of events.

Heat mapping can assess the size and scope of an event and guide event organisers to implement the necessary health and safety equipment which could help stop a deadly situation in its tracks.

Hot spots can indicate where a crush could be likely to occur and the technology is so advanced that it can even spot a person on the ground at night or in bad weather, allowing security and paramedics to aid an injured guest.

This heat mapping data offers quick effective solutions during chaotic times, which helps to eliminate fundamental errors such as positioning stewards in the wrong places.

Research has indicated that the majority of problems occur in the middle of a crowd, and by giving stewards access to this advanced technology, they have access to real time information on potentially high-risk incidents, meaning they can quickly be deployed to stop a potentially dangerous situation in its tracks.

We believe that using a combination of heat mapping and CCTV is the best way to approach an event. By using conventional CCTV monitoring with thermal imaging technology in unison, officials can be alerted about pressure points before things turn nasty.

The latest generation of CCTV cameras can also be positioned anywhere around an event site and be viewed from a laptop, smartphone or tablet using our WiFi systems. For event organisers, this could play a huge part in controlling a crowd during important peak times of a busy event.

Our talented team take pride in integrating seamlessly with existing event staff and are able to deliver the latest in events technology with minimal stress for organisers. For more information call us today on 0800 298 9434 or email

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