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Heat Mapping from SimpliWiFi

SimpliWiFi is at the forefront of heat mapping technology for the events and festival industry. By combined conventional CCTV monitoring with thermal imaging technology, we are able to pinpoint accidents and determine bottlenecks and pressure points before they can boil over. For advice and assistance, get in touch.

Support for your festival

Our Heat Mapping experts are able to assess the size and scope of your event and guide event organisers to implement the necessary health and safety equipment which could stop a deadly situation in its tracks.

  • Heat Mapping is used in conjunction with CCTV to monitor crowds and alert officials to high-risk situations
  • Locates pressure points and bottlenecks before they can turn nasty
  • Alerts security to trespassers and troublemakers
  • Event-wide support and assistance from SimpliWiFi, a leading provider of heat mapping technology

Avoid crush and stampedes

The events industry has never been bigger. Festivals increase their headcounts by the thousands every year, stadiums are oversold and street parties and carnivals are on the rise. And that’s why technology which can intelligently monitor crowds is going to become increasingly important. Whether crowds gather to protest, to party or just to be entertained, things can turn ugly in an instant.

Technology that can save lives

Heat Mapping data powered by SimpliWiFi suggests that organisers may be making fundamental errors by posting stewards in the wrong places. Heat maps gathered from test events suggest that problems often occur in the middle of a crowd and if stewards had access to technology capable of delivering real-time information on high-risk incidents, they could be quickly deployed to defuse or save a potentially harmful situation.

About SimpliWiFi

SimpliWiFi’s event technology services are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of events professionals. Our talented team of event engineers and coordinators have been connecting the UK’s greatest festivals, trade shows, sporting events and launch nights for the best part of eight years. Whatever the event, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt (seriously). This experience allows us to integrate seamlessly with events professionals to deliver the latest in events technology.

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