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El Dorado Festival - Groove Armarda

SimpliWiFi’s festival technology services are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of production teams, sponsors, security staff, media, artists and attendees at everything from a small local festival to the biggest festivals on the calendar.

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Built for Purpose

Festivals have very unique requirements for which SimpliWiFi has developed a range of products to support including high speed Wi-Fi access points with integrated battery units (which are monitored over the network), rapid deployment network hosting kits which are all flight cased, on site wired & wireless phone systems and the latest satellite and HD CCTV equipment. Of course everything is weatherproofed for the British Summer!

Technology Highlights

  • Wi-Fi networks from hotspots for production crews or site wide to support attendee requirements.
  • Point to Point links for remote locations such as box offices, ELT (Emergency Liaison Teams), gates and sound monitors.
  • VoIP Phones for effective communication both on and off-site
  • CCTV cameras which operate across the SimpliWiFi network reducing infrastructure cost.

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