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  • A fully internet connected event?
  • WiFi for temporary locations?
  • Point to Point links?
  • VoIP Phones?
  • Temporary CCTV cameras?
  • Your event to be livestreamed?
  • Payment terminals?
  • Marketing data?

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Events technology made for the events industry

Events have very unique requirements for which SimpliWiFi has developed a range of products to support including high speed WiFi access points with integrated battery units (which are monitored over the network), rapid deployment network hosting kits which are all flight cased, on site wired & wireless phone systems and the latest satellite and HD CCTV equipment. Of course, everything is weatherproofed for the British Summer!

About SimpliWiFi

SimpliWiFi’s event technology services are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of events professionals. Our talented team of event engineers and coordinators have been connecting the UK’s greatest festivals, trade shows, sporting events and launch nights for the best part of eight years. Whatever the event, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt (seriously). This experience allows us to integrate seamlessly with events professionals to deliver the latest in events technology.