Over the last few years we have seen the number of annual events increase year on year, however, very few of these events utilise the wealth of expertise and technology available to engage their traders and visitors at their events.

Things we have seen over the years:

  • We can bet that events do not use visitor metrics to gauge just how successful the event has been.
  • We can also guarantee that events will utilise social media to get their event promotion out there but how many engage social media during the event itself?
  • How many events have insight into what is being posted by visitors at the event, in real-time?
  • How many events use Wi-Fi to market special offers to visitors in real-time as they move around the event?
  • How many events actually make money from Wi-Fi and broadband at their events?

What can we do?

Well we want to change the way that smaller shows engage with technology.  In most cases we get told time after time that event coordinators would like to have Wi-Fi for guests and broadband access in a field but is just costs to much.

So with this in mind we are offering sponsorship of smaller events, up 20,000 visitors, so that they can take advantage and engage traders and visitors at their events. It has been shown that re-booking rates go up when you are able to offer traders the ability to take card payments as more sales = more reasons to come back next year.

What is our sponsorship offer?

As part of our sponsorship package we will provide the following:

  • Full Wi-Fi access at your event
  • Visitor counting/tracking in real-time.
  • Branded Wi-Fi splash pages when connecting to event Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi marketing to your visitors, a chance to monetise our Wi-Fi service
  • Full social media monitoring and engagement leading up to, during and post event with full post event reporting.
  • Payment services for traders, Wi-Fi PDQ’s for those with merchant accounts or access to iZettle units for those that do not.
  • On site support teams for the duration of the event.
  • Show WiFi Signage around the show site.

What’s the catch?

Every event is unique and requires planning to ensure effective, reliable, delivery of our services so in the first instance we invite you to apply for sponsorship of your event, we will then contact you to discuss your event further and arrange a face to face meeting.

As every event is unique we will negotiate with each event coordinator our level of sponsorship and visibility during the event, however, we do ask that each event contributes 50% towards the cost of internet access currently £475 + VAT.

This is a unique opportunity for smaller events to take advantage of what until now has been limited to larger events and those that can afford the sometimes very high costs involved of providing services like this.

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July 3rd, 2016|Events, News|