Businesses could pay a heavy cost if their internet goes down, according to SimpliWiFi

Ozan Pakyuz, the founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing mobile WiFi providers, SimpliWiFi, is calling on businesses to review their emergency contingency plans to ensure they include measures to cover the loss of their main internet connection.

Ozan’s firm has supported a number of businesses affected by the loss of internet and has a strong appreciation of the damage that the loss of connectivity can have on a company’s ability to trade.

In fact, earlier this year the firm conducted a study using the latest official Government data on income earned via the internet for the average UK business and found that companies could stand to lose more than £1,800 a week if their connection went down.

That is an incredible £7,200 a month in lost sales and business – making it an event which can have a devastating effect on a company according to Ozan.

“Sometimes it is not just the immediate loss that has an impact,” he said. “It can be very off-putting or even disconcerting if a customer or supplier logs on to order something or communicate with a company and they are unable to get in touch with the company online.

“Nowadays, the primary form of communication for many transactions will be via the internet, whether it is an email, online order or even a skype call, being connected is essential to running a successful company.”

Ozan believes that with some simple planning ahead many businesses can avoid the stress and loss of trade while their main internet connection is fixed.

“Mobile WiFi and internet connectivity has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years and it is easy to set up a network within a couple of hours, which is as fast, if not faster in some cases, than a permanent connection,” said Ozan.

“It is for this very reason that businesses should consider including a temporary WiFi connection in their contingency planning or at the very least have the information in place to get one set up quickly, as and when it is required.”

August 3rd, 2018|Press release|