Three, the mobile network operator, has announced it is investing more than £276 million into getting its network ready for 5G.

5G – short for the fifth generation of mobile networks – is primed for rollout in the UK in 2020. It will be significantly faster than current 3G and 4G networks, with speeds looking to reach 1GB/s. By comparison, this is around 100 times faster than the speeds some parts of the UK are currently receiving.

Operators of mobile data networks are working around the clock to be the first to offer 5G capable devices and systems, and by today’s news, Three is no different.

Earlier this year, the operator spent some £151.3 million on leasing 20MHz of the 5G radio spectrum. It will also spend a further £125 million on network upgrades and new IT systems.

In a recent statement, Dave Dyson, the chief executive of Three UK, said: “Over the course of 2018, we will accelerate the rollout of our 5G network and the opportunity this brings to both our existing and prospective base of customers and partners.

“All the key components that are needed for a successful 5G service have been procured over the last few years and I am excited by the prospect of trialling 5G soon, working together with our new IT and Core network infrastructure.”

As a company, three is known for its tendency to place data as a priority in its mobile phone contracts. A recent Three survey revealed that its average customer eats up a huge 7.68GB data each month – 5.7GB more than average UK customer.

Earlier this year, SimpliWiFi also revealed its intentions to invest heavily in its 5G systems to ensure the very best customer experience at events, festivals and temporary venues.

August 3rd, 2018|Wi-Fi|